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A small firm (with good connections).

As a small interior design and renovation firm, Snap delivers personal, expert service and a hands-on approach to its clients.  As a Walden Homes partner, Snap also brings the kind of scalability, project support and a project management process that other small firms can’t match.

And, in a true best of both worlds fashion, we offer all of the above in a competitive, customer-first way.

What it means to be a Walden Homes partner:

  Love Where You Live.

The Walden Homes promise, or philosophy, is that no matter what the nature of your project, whether it’s a repair, a reno or a rebuild, all you’re hoping for at the end of the day is to love where you live.

And that’s the outcome we’re committed to delivering.

  Access, support, back-up and expertise.

The Walden Homes connection makes more possible and makes it easy.

Through Walden, Snap has access to virtually any kind of project support needed. From design and architecture to specialized trades and services, we enjoy preferential access to (and often volume pricing from), Walden’s hand-picked pool of trades and services.



BuildSmart is a proprietary project management system that all Snap clients benefit from. BuildSmart is accessed from phone, tablet or computer, and contains a complete record of your project. Enjoy instant access, constant communication, regular updates, photos, permits, estimates, approvals and more.

BuildSmart phone

Here are 5 ways our BuildSmart App
makes the renovation process better.

At Walden, we promise a transparent, inclusive process. Our BuildSmart online and always available project management tool offers up-to-the moment information and updates and easy access to your building team.

BuildSmart detail

BuildSmart phone

Today’s progress (at the tip of your finger.)

Constantly updated by your Walden team, our BuildSmart app allows you to check in on progress any time – no building-site visit required! Catch up on your project from the office, from the cottage, or from wherever you happen to be.

BuildSmart detail

BuildSmart phone

A picture is worth a thousand explanations.

To make it simple to track the progress of your project, we maintain a photo (and/or video) record of major milestones. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with the project and to ensure you’re always in the know.

BuildSmart detail

BuildSmart phone

Talk. Text. Comment. Questions. Answers.

Beginning with our daily email update on your project, BuildSmart is a comprehensive communications tool that lets you connect with your building team and maintains a record of all communications.

BuildSmart detail

BuildSmart phone

Meet your accounting department.

Quotes, approvals, adjustments and invoices, all collected and presented in one place make it a snap (or a tap) to keep a handle on expenses. You’ll appreciate the ‘no surprises’ approach! 

BuildSmart detail

BuildSmart phone

Stay on track and in control.

Every construction project is driven by a long string of big and small decisions. With a comprehensive record of decisions and approvals, customers can make sure they’re on top of anything they’re responsible for and can track progress overall.

BuildSmart detail

Price and Value. You win twice.

As a Walden Homes Partner, Snap is able to focus on delivering a great experience to its clients. Customers appreciate dealing directly with the owner (that’s me!) and I get to focus on what I love (designing, creating and inspiring) knowing I have Walden's support whenever it's needed.

To learn more about Walden Homes, please visit Walden at


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