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Judy Van Ryn

Hi, I’m Cindy Van Ryn and I’d like to introduce you to my firm Snap Design. 

With two decades experience designing interiors for clients across Toronto, I’ve learned that a personal (and personable) approach creates strong relationships which inevitably lead to brilliant results.

As a student, I followed a bachelor of arts with an honors diploma in Interior Design – I’m a designer first and foremost. However, with just a little bit of a control freak in me, I also act as project manager and contractor on many projects. The combination role of designer/contractor is a particularly good fit for clients who appreciate design having a voice in every decision along the way.

Except for perhaps DNA, there’s nothing more individual than one’s taste and preferences in home design. I work closely with clients, bringing ideas and inspiration, of course – but also listening, studying and learning everything I can about their interests and lifestyles. The collaborative process is often surprising and always satisfying.

Over the years, my work has been featured on television and in magazines and, along with the team at Walden Homes, we are past recipients of the GTBA’s Renovator of the Year award.

Tell me about your project

I’d love to discuss your project, and also to have the chance to tell you about our transparent, progress-oriented process. At the very least, it will be a chance for me to share a few ideas on how to approach whatever part of your home you’re considering renewing, redoing or rethinking. It will also give you a chance to see our BuildSmart Project Management system. BuildSmart is a commitment to our customers to deliver a transparent, informative process in which they’re always in-the-know and just as always in control.

For interior design services, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, flooring, painting, built-ins, window coverings, countertops, fireplaces, stairs and more… let’s talk!


Let’s talk

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